The Nourishing Circle

When you commit to making a monthly contribution to Store to Door, you become instrumental in sustaining our operations and in keeping our clients’ cupboards full.  It takes as little as $12 a month.

Become a Member of Store to Door’s Nourishing Circle Today!

There are two different ways to join:

1) Click Here to set up a recurring gift through your credit or debit card.


2) Set up a recurring payment through your bank’s automatic bill pay system. Contact Katharine at 503-200-3333 x003 or to let us know you are joining the Nourishing Circle.

The amount you give is up to you, and you can cancel or change your amount any time.  The minimum to join is just $12/month, which is the same amount a client would pay to receive our service for 4 weeks.  Choose the giving level that works for you.

“No one in our community should go hungry.  I choose to give to Store to Door as a member of the Nourishing Circle because I know my gift has a direct and immediate impact.” – Carl Wilson, Store to Door Board Member and Founding Member of the Nourishing Circle

For more information regarding monthly giving, please contact Katharine at the number above.

"I'm so glad you give of yourselves to make life liveable.  Thank you for this incredible service!"

“I’m so glad you give of yourselves to make life liveable.  Thank you for this incredible service!”