Rose’s Story

senior grocery serviceStore to Door serves seniors and people with disabilities; people who are unable to do their shopping themselves.  Rose is an example of the typical Store to Door client:

Rose is a low-income woman in her 80’s who lives alone. She does not drive, she uses a walker, her vision and hearing are impaired.  She has a son but he lives out of town. Rose called a homecare agency to see how much it would cost to have a housekeeper shop, but they charged $20 an hour with a three-hour minimum. Then she called Store to Door and found that she could afford the service and that it would be reliable.

At her chosen time, every Tuesday at 1:30, Rose gets a call from Glen for her order. She gives him her list and he makes sure the correct coupons are attached to her order form. On Wednesday she may get a call from the volunteer at the store who is shopping for her groceries to tell her the store does not have the soup she ordered. He tells her what is on the shelf if she would like a substitute.

Around noon Rose’s doorbell rings and she is greeted by Nancy, a Store to Door delivery driver who brings the groceries into the kitchen. They check all items together to make sure everything is acceptable. Nancy helps put things away and Rose gets credit for any coupons she is using and items she wants returned. Store to Door has already paid the bill for all groceries purchased, so Rose writes a check to Store to Door for her groceries plus a delivery fee, 10% of the grocery order. Rose usually spends $50 on groceries and her fee is $5. She had Store to Door pick up a prescription that cost $25, but she did not have to pay a fee for that.

Nancy delivers Rose’s groceries often and they have gotten to know each other. She sees that Rose is all right. If Nancy were concerned about Rose, she would call the Store to Door office and share her observations. Store to Door is part of the County Gatekeeper program and works with caseworkers and families to make sure frail elderly and people with disabilities are living safe as well as independent lives.